Richard Desaulniers Jr Photgraphy

Soaking up the sun

Random Roadtrip weekend. Montréal to NewMarket. Mike Gray making my whole weekend worth while in a single photo. Got me so stoked

Pat Aubichon - The Show

As the kids look on in awe, Patrick trows a big Superman Whip over the main jumpbox on the jump line at Taz Skatepark in Montréal.

Alexandre Paradis - Dirt(y)

I've been trying hard to shoot atleast one good portrait in every session this summer. I didn't have the chance to shoot much. This is one of the sessions with Alexandre. Great rider, Great guy and always fun too shoot. He always seems to find a way to take a good bail (and not get hurt.) and since we where at the dirtjumps he was getting all dirty. I shot this portrait trying to show the struggles that come with riding dirtjumps. The guys make it look so easy but it truly isn't! The Action shot is something new. A "Reversed" tobogan. Instead of grabbing the front of his seat he's grabbing the back. Had some good 360's and nacs but I liked this one better! Enjoy! VOTE PLEASE! = )

Pascal Lafontaine - Street

Keeping with the "Get a portrait get the action" shoots. Pascal spent the summer with his arm in a cast after bailing out in one of the many spots around Montréal's Olympic stadium. We went back a few weeks ago. Shot just for fun. Got a good double peg to bars out (first photo) and got him to settle down for atleast a few minutes (It's always hard with the guys I shoot with lol) and get a good portrait. I (honestly) do not like the light on his face. Still learing to shoot good portraits. Enjoy! VOTE PLEASE! = )


Jordane Dubois (Tenpack-Verde) with the big tuck no hander at a local park.

On a un pépin

Louis Pépin (1664, FitBikeCo) finding something new to ride at an old spot. This guy is a real shredder

Jordane Dubois - Barspins in the snow


This must be the greatest guy I know. Always so stoked, so happy to be living. Always so stoked on riding and shooting. Always so stoked to simply chill with good friends. Matt Macduff gets me stoked on life.


Ryan Korpikoski with a crazy no-foot can at Matt's jumps.

Big Blue Skies

Joel Marchand stretching a tuck no hander in Rimouski,Qc during a four day, 1900km roadtrip of Québec.